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Book no.1

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How to Marry Harry
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Could Harry Styles be the perfect man for Jo’s daughter Bayley? Surely he would be, if Jo could only wrangle a meeting.


When Jo coerces her sister Bobbi into a trip to the UK to follow musician Harry Styles, along with a cardboard cutout of her daughter in a red bikini, she wasn’t planning on everything turning to custard. Even though when it comes to Jo and Bobbi, that’s usually exactly what happens. Divorced and lonely, has Jo become so invested in her daughter’s future she hasn’t even considered there could still be love out there for herself? And will she ever learn that you can never just have ‘one cocktail’?

Bobbi thinks they’re going to one concert and then to Scotland to scatter their beloved late uncle's ashes. She’s just along for the ride but will her efforts help or hinder Jo’s plans?

When Jo and Bobbi meet Adam, a teenager bunking off school and also following Harry, helping him reconnect
with his father could lead Jo in

an altogether unexpected direction.

The Missing Wife Life

Pinot and Puha


Two mums, one crappy van and a chance to relive their youth - what could possibly go wrong?


Middle aged mothers, Anna and Faith meet at a drunken student flat party and find themselves the reluctant owners of a converted pink plumbing van.

Looking from the outside, you’d never know Anna was lost. On paper she has the big house, fancy clothes and flashy car but in reality she feels unfulfilled, her marriage is a sham and she has no idea who she is anymore.

Faith grew up in a religious community but hasn’t been back since she left in disgrace years ago. She lives a more simple life with her husband, children and her job as a social worker.

Despite barely knowing each other and seemingly having little in common, they set off on an impromptu road trip of the South Island with nothing more than a vague plan and a change of underwear. 

Faith wants to reunite with her brother - if the van makes it that far - and Anna may have the chance at a new start, or even a new love.

Mel has her bookstore. She doesn’t need a man. Especially not a yob like Jesse. Right?


After an unconventional and nomadic childhood, all Mel wants is a successful business and a stable life. She’s focussed on the new bookshop she’s just opened with her best friend Ellie and the wine and cheese evenings they’re about to start. 


But Mel is up against obstacles. There’s drama with the neighbouring construction site, a boutique owner who seems hell bent on causing problems, interfering family members and baffling incidents of vandalism.


 If Mel WAS looking for a man, surely her suave, well-dressed landlord Nate would be the perfect match. Her mother certainly seems to think so. So why is it that she’s so distracted by the sexy but surly builder working next door?


Book no.2

Heading 1

Given a Buckley's Chance


It's all fun and games until someone loses a toe. Or their heart.

The Buckley cousins are heading back to the old family ranch, years after a disastrous night of hide and seek that left one of them maimed for life.
But the games aren't over. There's a high stakes scavenger hunt at play.
Keri Buckley needs that prize money. Her ex has shattered her reputation and left her with a massive debt. Winning this prize is the answer to her problems.
What she doesn't need is the added complication of Linc, her disastrous attempt at a one night stand - and now their tour guide - who she's pretty sure hates her.

What happened on the family ranch twenty five years ago? And who's fault was it?
Zach might only be eleven, but he thinks he can crack the case.
But is everyone telling the truth? Are they all even who they say they are?

Join the Buckley family as they travel through the Australian outback on a journey that stirs up forgotten memories, hidden secrets and maybe the chance to win at love.

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