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How to Marry Harry

Could Harry Styles be the perfect man for Jo’s daughter Bayley? Surely he would be, if Jo could only wrangle a meeting.


When Jo coerces her sister Bobbi into a trip to the UK to follow musician Harry Styles, along with a cardboard cutout of her daughter in a red bikini, she wasn’t planning on everything turning to custard. Even though when it comes to Jo and Bobbi, that’s usually exactly what happens. Divorced and lonely, has Jo become so invested in her daughter’s future she hasn’t even considered there could still be love out there for herself? And will she ever learn that you can never just have ‘one cocktail’?

Bobbi thinks they’re going to one concert and then to Scotland to scatter their beloved late uncle's ashes. She’s just along for the ride but will her efforts help or hinder Jo’s plans?

When Jo and Bobbi meet Adam, a teenager bunking off school and also following Harry, helping him reconnect
with his father could lead Jo in

an altogether unexpected direction.

work in progress

New book coming soon!

We're working on our new book. Theres a religious cult, a plumbing van, and a desperate housewife. Stay tuned.