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About Us


Nikki and Kirsty were born in Tauranga along with our brother Grant. We spent our summers in Mount Maunganui. Our love of reading as kids grew into a love of writing and we are always working on our next novel, screenplay or kids book.


Our Story

Years ago, when the Trade Me message board was at its peak, Nikki created a character called Maisy that became a firm favourite of posters on the forum. Years later, we tried to sell the concept as a tv show without success. A missed opportunity TVNZ since it was practically the original version of Shameless!

The idea of a book came to us after we developed an unhealthy obsession with Harry Styles. Yes, the one direction member - don't judge us. TPWK. The idea to write together, from seperate towns, writing one character each was formed. The result is 'How to Marry Harry'.  You don't have to love Harry to read it. In the end, it was less about Harry than it was about Jo and Bobbi and we hope you love them like we do. 

Awkward family photos. 

We are members of the NZSA, RWNZ and NZWG

thank you.

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